Meet The "S" Team
Sheila Pope
Team Leader
Michelle Sheppard
Client Care Coordinator
Lauren Martin
Marketing Coordinator


Sheila works hard to reach new heights of excellence as a daily pursuit. As the leader of a high profile real estate team, it’s what allows her to better meet her clients’ diverse needs.

Sheila was not always a realtor, for a good part of her life she enjoyed tenure as a colleague in the teaching profession. She will tell you few things are more rewarding than being a firsthand witness to the incredible growth in her students. Knowing that she had played an important role in preparing students for a brighter future motivated her to put her heart and soul into her work.

The pursuit of knowledge is also an approach that defines Sheila’s own personal and professional pursuits. She believes that an ongoing commitment to knowledge is the best way to rise above challenges and achieve success. Sheila reflects this attitude with her scholastic accomplishments, earning a bachelor’s degree from California Polytechnic University, Pomona and later a master’s degree from the same institution.

With her drive, Sheila has developed a high powered real estate business that uses a collaborative approach with clients. They become part of the team and learn effective strategies and valuable techniques which consistently allow them to reach their real estate goals.

Sheila’s team, The “S” Team, is a high energy, ground breaking, young team with a bright future who understand peoples’ needs and puts clients on the right track using the most innovative and pioneering tools.

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